Tarot Reading

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10/26/2019 - 6pm-10pm
Reading price: $30/15 minutes
Join us in the Shelburne Parlor for an exclusive tarot reading from Suzy Olsen of Chariot. Suzy Olsen is the owner of Chariot in Astoria, Oregon — where she has woven together her multiple passions in life: being a creative, a healer and a spiritual teacher. Suzy has been working with the tarot since the mid 90's as a young teen, and began working professionally in 2011. Astrology and tarot are her main tools when working with clients, and she regularly incorporates spell-casting and rituals in her services and personal practice. In more recent years, her study has focused on metaphysical science, astrophysics, Wiccan spell-casting and Kundalini yoga. Her belief systems encompass this wide array of ancient and new age teachings, from the ancient yogi wisdom to the scientific discoveries of today.
Her personal outlook is rooted in her belief that the choices we make have an influence on our future and our destiny. When we consult the tarot or the stars, we are asked to be open to new ways of seeing ourselves and the world around us. New ways that allow us to be a truer and more whole version of ourselves. She is a Certified Tarot Professional, recognized by the Tarot Guild.    
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