The Dark Cards of the Tarot

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10/25/2019 3.30pm-6pm
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Follow us into the underworld this Halloween season as we explore the 'dark cards' of the Tarot, with Suzy Olsen of Chariot, with this exclusive Tarot workshop.
There are several images and names within the cards that may frighten us or give way to anxiety for what is to come. The crashing Tower, the foreboding grim reaper of Death, and the mysterious Hanged Man are a few of the 'dark cards' that give us much to contemplate. This workshop is designed to allow you to comfortably interpret the darkest cards of the Tarot, and to uncover the vast array of meanings and wisdom available within them. Rather than avoiding the dark cards, you can embrace them with confidence and see the positive possibilities working within each card. 
As we enter this darker half of the year, the Samhain / Halloween season is the ideal time to explore your shadow self. You will be lead through a personal tarot reading with a specially designed spread, taking you deeper into the messages of these mysterious cards. If time allows, we will conclude the workshop with a short ritual designed to connect us with the season -- when the veil is most thin. 
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