About Us

Adrift Hotels is a Family Brand of boutique hotels and farm to table restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. Located along the coast, our properties focus on local and sustainable products from other businesses who share our goals and values. We believe that if we take care of our team, our team will take care of our customers. 


We support our community

We support the character and entrepreneurs of the Peninsula by selling wares that reflect the unique community we are so lucky to call home. Contrary to many hotels, where you could be staying anywhere in the world, here you could only be in Long Beach. We hope you’ll get just as excited as we do by our distinctive locality.


We're Social Justice Warriors

We’re a women-led business, we advocate for family policies - such as paid maternity leave - that help women in the workplace. Rather than asking for tips in our restaurant, we include a service charge on all our meals which means we can pay our restaurant staff a living wage, and all hotel staff earn above minimum wage.


We’re committed to sustainability

We have recycling bins in all our rooms, we use solar power to supplement our power needs, and we have rainwater collectors to reduce water wastage. We choose organic and local wherever possible, and we use only biodegradable non-toxic cleaners. Green is more than just a tick-box for us, and we’re constantly striving to improve.